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    AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution available for developers on GPUOpen

    With the recent announcement of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), AMD has made the source code for its powerful spatial upscaling technology broadly available to game developers via GPUOpen.

    FSR is also now available for developers in two of the most popular game engines:

    • Unity: A special preview beta branch of Unity 2021.2 HDRP.

    • Unreal Engine: A patch that can be applied to v4.26 of Unreal Engine.

    FSR is an open-source solution with broad API support, making it easy for developers to integrate the technology into new and existing titles, and is supported on more than 100 AMD processors with Radeon graphics and AMD GPUs, as well as competitor GPUs. FSR is designed to boost framerates by up to 2.4x at 4K in “Performance” mode in select titles while delivering a high-quality, high-resolution gaming experience.

    Additionally, several new titles are adding FSR support in the next few weeks, bringing the total number of FSR-supported games to 12 since the feature was launched just a few weeks ago, with more expected in the coming months:

    • Arcadegeddon (July 16)
    • Necromunda: Hired Gun (July 16)
    • Resident Evil Village (next week)
    • Edge of Eternity (this month)

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