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    16-year old boy shot to death in front of his father when trying to sell his Xbox in a deal gone wrong.

    Tragedy struck when Johnny Peluyera, a 16-year old teenager from Gary, Indiana, USA, was shot and killed by two robbers on Thursday night (13/6) after setting up the meeting to sell his Xbox to them (robbers) on an online sales app, OfferUp.

    Johnny Peluyera was 16 years old when he was shot twice in the back in a deal gone wrong.

    Peluyera went to the meeting point at ’51st and Maryland Street (USA)’ with his father to meet the two men. The boy’s father said he grew suspicious when the two men lead his son to a secluded spot and it was then that the father spotted one of them carrying a handgun.

    He tried to warn his son but Peluyera was shot twice in the back as he tried to run to his father’s car. Peluyera died at the scene shortly after.

    “I just completely don’t understand. I don’t understand how somebody, over an Xbox, can take somebody’s life” said Kelly Arroyo, Peluyera’s grieving mother. “They killed my son over nothing. They didn’t even get the gaming system. They didn’t even get the Xbox so why did they have to shoot him?” Arroyo said.

    Kelly Arroyo, Peluyera’s mother.

    The suspects are identified as two black male in their late teens to early 20s, wearing basketball shorts. One of them was wearing a black hoodie, while the other wore a grey hoodie.

    The police have reminded the public to remain vigilant and always meet a safe place like the Police Station’s parking lot when conducting exchange from online sales.

    Though we don’t usually cover news like this, we did it this time to do our part in spreading the awareness so that people will take the necessary precautions when conducting an exchange. Please don’t take any chances, there are scums everywhere, better be safe than sorry.

    We’d like to extend our greatest sympathy and condolences to the family of Johnny Peluyera. We hope the two robbers get caught as soon as possible and face the full force of the law for the heinous crime they committed.

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