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    AniManGaki 2018 Photo Album @ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

    Happy Birthday, AniManGaki!

    It has been ten long years since the AniManGaki (AMG) was founded by Yvonne Sing. What started off as a university club project has evolved through many shapes and forms into the event goliath we see today, AMG however, is more than just an event for J-Pop culture enthusiasts, more importantly, to the members of its community AMG has always been a focal point for like-minded people who could come together and just be themselves. 2018 marks the 10th Years Old Birthday of AMG, and we wish the organizer more successes in the future.




    Compilation of Photos taken at the AniManGaki 2018 event at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. All photos were taken on August 18, 2018. What a lively event filled with so many enthusiastic participants! We’d like to record our thanks again to everyone who agreed to our photo requests, we’re gonna miss your colourful wigs and shiny armours.

    We’d be super thankful if you could also drop a Like on our Facebook Page. If you would like to tag yourself or your friends, visit the FULL ALBUM ON FACEBOOK HERE. If you are one of the cosplayers in our album, scroll all the way down.

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    Read this if you are one of the cosplayers in our photo album.

    1. If you are one of the cosplayers in our album and would like to share this with your friends, scroll all the way down and you would see a list of social media share buttons. Alternately, you may also head to our Facebook Page where we have uploaded the same album, and tag your friends or share from there. “
    2. If you are wondering whether we have more shots of you other than the ones in the album and would like us to send the rest of the shots to you, kindly PM us on our Facebook Page with your personal FB profile. Note that we will only agree to send them over if you can prove your identity. We will only send your shots alone and will not entertain any requests like “Helping my friend get”. Please be informed that all shots may be deleted after 30 days from the publication of this post.
    3. We have not applied any watermarks on all these photos because your pics belong to you, no one owns you, also it’s easier for you to take it for yourself and keep. However, please be informed that most of the photos here are not of their best available quality. We have compressed them for web use. If you want your full res images, please refer to point number 2.
    4. We have at all times kept our Media / Press passes visible to all cosplayers whenever we request for a photo. Therefore, we assume to have gained your consent when you agreed to our photo request, for us to publish your photos online on our website and social platforms. Should you wish, however, for your photos to be taken down, kindly PM us on our Inbox as per point number 2 and upon confirmation of your identity, all request for removal shall be honoured with no further questions asked.
    5. We may have already told you thanks face to face, but thanks again.
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