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    Mobile : Review – The Alchemist Code

    Due to work commitments and the fact that all the games I wanted to play isn’t launched yet, I had a long pause from playing anything on my PlayStation 4 for like a month or so. It was also during this same period of time when I noticed a small topic about this particular Mobile Game that has been running wild in our Bunny Group’s Telegram chatroom, so being the Alpha Male I am, I did the usual me stuffs and stepped one foot in and demanded answers ( I was bored and I felt the need to busy body around everyone’s business ) so “Wtf u gais talking about all these chemistry and stuffs?”. Such heroic deed only earned me equally heroic replies in the form of “Just go download this game (The Alchemist Code) and eat shit Zozi!”


    That was how my romantic journey into this game began. Do know that I have little love for Mobile Games and I expected everything to be just like Candy Crush or Angry Birds. But Walaaaaaaaaa the game proved me wrong, this game isn’t about pairing colourful fruits or shooting birds at pigs. The Alchemist Code is actually on par with any well designed turn-based JRPG games, what probably surprised me most is the fact that the dialogues in this game are actually voiced over (most of them anyway). I’ll just cut the crap here and skip to the Pros n Cons.


    Platforms – Available on : iOS , Android, Android Emulator (Bluestack)
    Developer – Gumi Inc


    What I like.

    • Good storytelling, Good plot. Its like holding a mini Novel that you can play with you.
    • Well designed Turn Based combat system that requires both brain (you) and brawl (your heroes)
    • Plenty of Heroes to choose from, plenty of combination when forming your party (Up to 4 heroes)
    • Micro-Transaction is there but doesn’t damage the gameplay experience.
    • Players are rewarded with stuffs that are actually useful to their gameplay from daily logins.
    • Generous and hardworking developer. They constantly update the game and gives out rewards.
    • Multiplayer session online are simple and fun.
    • Really nice Music and sound effects overall.

    What I dislike

    • This game is a grind fest. The developer never stop giving you reasons to grind.
    • Lack of actual End Game content. The game has no end game at the moment.
    • Many heroes but lack of balance. In Multiplay session, players prefer some hereos than others.
    • Can be bored quickly once u get into the repetitive state of grinding
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