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    Review – Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

    Asuna fan boys assembleeeeeeee! As the self pro-claimed President of the Asuna Fan Club in Bunny Community, It didn’t take long for our members to realize “Zozi’s gonna buy Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet for sure”. I shall make it crystal clear here first that I like Asuna for her sense of style….

    Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet is the latest installment to the popular Sword Art Online series and to those of you who are new to this title, you should go look it up online and watch the Anime first. Don’t worry though, you can still enjoy the game fine without knowing the backstory but I’m just saying if you do then hopefully it helps you enjoy this game better.

    I have taken some time to make a video review for this game. You will be able to watch some gameplay videos to see how fluid the game is in gameplay and some whats good and not about Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

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