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    Review – Farcry 5

    When Ubisoft released the first Farcry 5 Trailer fuhhhhhhhhh I remember how hyped everyone got. One of the memorable scene was the one that showed a river with floating dead bodies, it quickly reminded me of a scene from the movie “28 Days Later” or was it 28 weeks…. hmmm. Anyway the impression the trailer gave was awesome, earning praises and creating hypes everywhere. The general plot of the game is about going after the leadership of a religious cult name Eden’s Gate in a place called Hope County. Well well, lawless gangland + fighting rednecks + shit to blow up, what could go wrong right?



    Well I was wrong. As it turns out, Farcry 5 could be the most boring game i have played this year and I can hardly imagine any future games I purchase will top Farcry 5’s ranking as the most boring game of 2018. I’ll break the “Why” down to point forms so that its easier to understand.

    What I like

    • Graphics are excellent
    • Massive open world, beautiful scenery. If you want a game for virtual jungle trekking, Farcry 5 is perfect for you.

    What I dislike

    • Super repetitive.
    • Lack of Depth, Lack of Impact (Campaign)
    • Half-Assed story telling. Half way through the game I feel that the developer themselves lost their sense of direction on how they want to direct this game.
    • I found zero motivation at all to progress through the story and I have no urge to do any side quests because they don’t reward anything useful or noteworthy.
    • Bugs. Bugs. Bugs everywhere. I was piloting a plane once when an enemy aircraft just literally spawn infront of me resulting in me crashing. I thought it was a one time thing but no, apparently aircraft in Farcry 5 can literally appear out of thin air.
    • I thought I was the only one who found it boring. So I quickly finish the game and borrow the game to one of good friend in Bunny Team, guess what he told me when I asked him about it one week later? “This game is super boring ah zoziiii” yeap. This game is memang bosan gila babi.
    • Online Experience was laggy as fuck for me.


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