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    Win At Work With Razer’s Next-Generation Productivity Suite

    Razer has unveiled three new additions to its Productivity range with the new Pro Click Mini wireless mouse, the Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard, and the Pro Glide XXL mouse mat. The new Pro range features multi-device wireless connectivity, extended battery life, and a quieter sound profile. Coupled with Razer’s expertise in producing high-performance, durable, ergonomic hardware, the new Pro range delivers the ideal work, home office, or mobile peripherals for today’s flexible workspace locations.

    As people continue to work from home, high-quality keyboards and mice have become more important to increase productivity and ensure a smoother, faster workflow. The new Pro range from Razer features the latest in hardware and software technology, honed from Razer’s years of experience producing pro-level gaming devices. Combining industry-leading ergonomic designs with modern, sleek styling and high-performance gaming technologies, the Pro range delivers comfort, battery life and precision to enable users to win at work.

    “Today’s workspace can be anywhere – in the office building, at home on the dining table, on the train or in the air,” “Regardless of where the user is, Razer’s Pro range has workflow-enhancing features for every task and situation, from non-distracting silent click mouse switches through to all-day-comfort soft-touch keycaps, allowing users to work effectively wherever they are.”

    Alvin Cheung –
    Senior Vice President of Razer’s Peripherals Business Unit

    Razer Pro Click Mini

    With a sleek, compact form factor, the Pro Click Mini has been designed to easily fit into any bag, briefcase, or backpack, for use on the go, but is just as well suited for everyday desktop and workstation use. Using silent, tactile switches, rated for up to 15 million clicks, the Pro Click Mini delivers maximum productivity with minimum sound for a distraction-free experience in the office, coffee shop, train or at home.

    Connectable to up to 3 devices via Bluetooth, and a fourth with the 2.4 GHz dongle, the Pro Click Mini can be used to control multiple devices without the need to constantly pair and unpair each time. Using Razer HyperSpeed Technology via the supplied 2.4 GHz dongle, the Pro Click Mini delivers an industry-leading fast, reliable, and lag-free wireless connection to a desktop or laptop PC.

    At the heart of the Pro, Click Mini is the Razer 5G Advanced optical sensor, providing incredible accuracy, improving efficiency in tasks demanding precise control.
    The new Razer HyperScroll wheel can switch between Free-Spin and Tactile scrolling modes for quick and easy navigation of large documents and webpages, while the 4-way tilt-click function allows for easy horizontal scrolling and movement. With an additional 7 fully programmable buttons for ease of use in multiple applications, the Pro Click Mini is a versatile, capable mouse, perfect for the demands of modern office work.

    Razer Pro Type Ultra

    Refined and improved through community feedback, the Razer Pro Type Ultra is the next generation of Razer’s Pro series of keyboards, bringing a quieter, more luxurious typing experience to the office space. With silent mechanical switches, rated for up to 80 million presses, the keycaps feature a soft-touch coating for all-day typing comfort. A plush leatherette wrist rest provides further support and eases potential wrist strain throughout the day.

    With support for both Bluetooth and Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, the Pro Type Ultra can be connected to 4 devices simultaneously, with a single button press easily switching between connected devices. With over 200 hours of battery life and in-use cable charging, the Pro Type Ultra is the ultimate productivity keyboard for the modern office.

    Both the Pro Type Ultra and Pro Click Mini are supplied with the Razer Productivity Dongle, allowing users to connect both devices to a single dongle, freeing up an essential USB port but maintaining the fast, lag-free Razer HyperSpeed Wireless connection for both devices.

    Razer Pro Glide XXL

    Completing the new lineup of Razer’s productivity peripherals, the Pro Glide XXL is a full desk width, soft mouse mat and the ideal companion to the Pro Click mouse. With a textured micro-weave surface, for highly accurate mouse tracking, bonded to a high-density rubber base layer, the Pro Glide XXL provides a cushioned surface across the width of the desk, to increase comfort and minimize fatigue. The Pro Glide XXL is the perfect complement surface for the Pro Click Mini and Pro Type Ultra, giving a defined, professional look to the workspace with increased mouse control and comfort.

    About The Razer Pro Click Mini

    • Silent Mechanical Mouse Switches with 15 million button life cycle
    • Sleek and compact design
    • 4-Way Razer HyperScroll Tilt Wheel with free-spin and tactile modes
    • Multi-host connection for up to 4 devices
    • 7 independently programmable buttons
    • Razer Productivity Dongle
    • Connectivity: Razer HyperSpeed 2.4GHz wireless + Bluetooth
    • Battery Life: Up to ~725 hours on Bluetooth® and up to ~465 hours on 2.4 GHz wireless
    • Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor with true 12,000 DPI
    • DPI stages are adjustable on Synapse 3 (DPI stages: 400 / 800 / 1600 (default) / 3200 / 6400)
    • Onboard DPI storage (up to 5 DPI stages)
    • Up to 300 inches per second (IPS) / 35 G acceleration
    • 1000 Hz polling rate
    • Razer Synapse 3 enabled
    • Approximate size: 100.2 mm x 62.7 mm x 34.1 mm
    • Approximate weight: 88g with 1x Alkaline AA battery; 111g with 2x Alkaline AA batteries

    About The Razer Pro Type Ultra

    • Ergonomic Design with plush leatherette wrist rest
    • Razer HyperSpeed Wireless Technology
    • Razer Productivity Dongle
    • Razer Yellow Mechanical switches. Linear and Silent
    • Durability up to 80 million keystrokes
    • Fully Programmable keys, Macro capable
    • Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity for up to 4 devices
    • White LED backlit keys
    • Battery life: Up to ~214 hour without back-lighting on Bluetooth and ~207 hours on 2.4Ghz wireless, or up to ~13 hours Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz with back-lighting on full brightness
    • 10 Key Rollover
    • Razer Synapse 3 enabled

    About The Razer Pro Glide XXL

    • Increased size for greater coverage
    • Textured micro-weave cloth surface
    • Thick, high-density rubber foam
    • Cushioned surface for long-term comfort
    • Anti-slip rubber base
    • Dimensions: 940x410x3mm

    Price & Availability

    Razer Pro Click Mini: $79,99 USD / 89,99€ MSRP and select retailers: November 2, 2021

    Razer Pro Type Ultra: $159,99 USD / 169,99€ MSRP and select retailers: Q4 2021

    Razer Pro Glide XXL: $29,99 USD / 34,99€ MSRP and select retailers: November 2, 2021

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