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    Razer Unveils Kishi Ultra: A Game-Changer in Mobile Gaming

    Razer introduces the Kishi Ultra, a revolutionary addition to the world of mobile gaming, offering console-grade control and immersive haptics for Android, iPhone 15 series, and iPad Mini. Let’s dive into the details of this groundbreaking innovation:


    Game-Changing Features
    The Kishi Ultra marks a paradigm shift in mobile gaming, providing console-grade control and immersive haptics to elevate the gaming experience on a wide range of devices. Its meticulous design ensures precision, comfort, and unparalleled performance.

    Console-Class Controls
    With a full-sized handle and button layout, the Kishi Ultra offers ergonomics and gameplay previously found only in pro console controllers. The pioneering design enhances the gaming experience on iPhone 15 series, iPad Mini, and Android tablets with 8-inch displays.

    Pro-Grade Controller Features
    Incorporating over 15 years of Razer’s expertise in crafting esports-grade controllers, the Kishi Ultra boasts exclusive mecha-tactile buttons, console-sized triggers, pro-grade thumbsticks, and programmable multifunction buttons for customized control setups.

    Expanded Compatibility and Seamless Play
    The Kishi Ultra transcends the boundaries of mobile gaming, offering compatibility with PCs, iPads, and popular phone cases. Its low-latency USB-C connection ensures seamless gameplay, while the Razer Nexus App provides access to thousands of controller-compatible games across iOS and Android.

    Razer Sensa HD Haptics
    Experience multi-sensory gaming immersion like never before with Razer Sensa HD Haptics, offering stronger, more detailed vibrations than traditional controllers. Paired with Chroma RGB lighting, this innovation sets a new standard for mobile gaming immersion.

    Alongside the Kishi Ultra, Razer updates the Kishi V2 line with the new Razer Kishi V2 USB C, featuring wired play for PC and iPad. With these innovations, Razer continues to lead the charge in gaming innovation, providing gamers with the tools they need to achieve victory, anytime, anywhere.

    Price & Availability

    Razer Kishi Ultra
    £149.99 GBP / $149.99USD / €169.99 MSRP, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers – Available Now, 18 April 2024

    Razer Kishi V2 USB C
    £99.99 GBP / $99.99USD / €119.99 MSRP, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers – Available Now, 18 April 2024

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