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    Devolver’s 15th Anniversary Steam Publisher Sale Blatant Smokescreen For Self-Congratulatory Blog Series

    Devolver Digital, the disruptive publishing powerhouse behind some of the world’s finest indie games, is celebrating 15 years of kicking ass and breaking hearts with the mother of all Steam publisher sales.

    From May 16th – May 23rd, players young and old can take advantage of obscenely generous discounts on Devolver Digital games, even the ones they promised their concerned parents that they would never buy. (Steam Link)

    This year’s unprecedented Devolver 15th Anniversary Steam Publisher Sale features a frankly ridiculous number of games from our eclectic roster including the critically acclaimed Cult of the Lamb (40% off), award-winning creepy roguelike deck-builder Inscryption (50% off), philosophical puzzler The Talos Principle II (40% off), and recently released solo-developed hits Children of the Sun and Pepper Grinder (20% off).

    Thrifty players can also pile their baskets high with historically low discounts on classic Devolver games such as GRIS and APE OUT (80% off), Return to Monkey Island and Wizard With a Gun (50% off), SLUDGE LIFE 2 (40% off) and Disc Room (75% off). Wizard With a Gun will also be free to try on Steam throughout the course of the promotion.


    To enhance the 15th birthday celebrations even further, a series of back-slapping blogs will pepper Devolver’s official website, taking a trip down memory lane to cover hot-button topics such as the team’s favorite t-shirts, soundtracks, trailers, websites, and event spaces from over the years.

    Each new entry will appear on daily throughout the sale.

    Devolver’s 15th Anniversary Steam Publisher Sale is just our little way of saying thanks to all the fans out there for wishlisting their games in anticipation of Devolver’s 15th Anniversary Steam Publisher Sale.

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