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    Wholesome Narrative Puzzle Adventure ​​​​​​​Tin Hearts Launches With Haunting Cover Of 80s Classic Toy Soldiers By Martika

    Publisher Wired Productions and Rogue Sun, crafters of artisanal interactive entertainment, are proud to announce that the immersive narrative puzzle adventure, Tin Hearts, is out now. Singer Aisha Vaughan delivers a stunning performance for the launch trailer as Tin Hearts Releases on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

    To celebrate the launch of Tin Hearts, which last week saw an animated prequel story narrated by legend Stephen Fry, Artists Aisha Vaughan, and Kieron Pepper collaborated with Black Razor Records, the indie music label founded by Wired Productions, to create a cover of iconic 80s track “Toy Soldiers” by Martika. The devastating beautiful track perfectly encapsulates the emotion of Tin Hearts, winner of the ‘Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Game’ accolade during Gamescom 2022.

    Tin Hearts is an immersive, narrative-based, puzzle adventure wrapped up in a powerful tale of love and compromise. March through and solve increasingly elaborate puzzles to unravel a deeply emotional story spanning generations and dimensions, masterfully woven into the fabric of an alternative-Victorian world.

    Toy Soldiers by Martika is such an iconic song, but if you actually listen to the lyrics, it perfectly reflects the story of Tin Hearts. It was an instant decision to get Black Razor Records to create a new version that matches the emotion of the game perfectly, sung beautifully by the amazing Aisha.

    Leo Zullo – Managing Director of Wired Productions

    It’s an emotional time for us! Our baby gets to spread its wings on all platforms! We’ve released some awesome trailers leading up to this point, but we always knew we wanted to do something truly special for this one. During development we’d often semi-jokingly play “Toy Soldiers” on different occasions; it’s been our sort of team anthem, for obvious reasons. When Wired came to us with the idea of using it on the launch trailer we were ecstatic! Our creative juices started flowing and we immediately got to work! Today we’re super proud to share with you not just the final game, but this launch trailer, which we feel perfectly captures the emotional journey Tin Hearts will take you on.

    Kostas Zarifis – Managing Director of Rogue Sun and Tin Hearts’ Creative Director

    Purchase physical and digital versions via the Wired Production website. Tin Hearts launches now on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Utomik), PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox consoles, following its Nintendo Switch release earlier in April.

    PCVR, Meta Quest 2, and PSVR2 are set to be released later this year.

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