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    Cut Through Your Enemies In The Tactical Roguelike Undergrave

    QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Wired Dreams Studio, is pleased to announce that Undergrave is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One/Series X|S on May 18th.

    Welcome to the Void Realm

    From the creators of Red Ronin, Undergrave is a tactical roguelike in which every try will challenge you with a new adventure.

    In Undergrave, moving, jumping, managing your stamina, dashing, and throwing your sword away strategically are vital for success.

    Key Features:

    Your character has 3 distinct abilities, each one being necessary for a successful run, however, every one of them consumes your stamina that recovers with turns so use them wisely.

    Jump: Jump from one square to another, dealing a stun effect on the enemies around if you have your sword or only pushing them if you have no sword.

    Dash: Cut through the enemies in a straight line dealing damage on them if you have your sword or dodging through them if you have no sword

    Throw: Throw your sword at an enemy, dealing damage. The movements cost less Stamina when you are unarmed. You can catch your sword back mid-dash or on a jump killing some enemies using less Stamina.

    Perfect your strategy: Combine your abilities to outsmart the enemies and find the best move for every turn.

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