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    [VR Game] ‘The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood’ Now On Quest, Steam, & Viveport

    Vertigo Games and Carbon Studio have released ‘The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood‘ on Meta Quest, Steam, and Viveport.

    This new launch includes the complete remastered main game of ‘The Wizards: Dark Times’ along with an additional feature, the Brotherhood Update. This update introduces a cooperative mode where up to three players can explore the magical world of Meliora together.

    Additionally, owners of the Meta Quest 3 headset can enjoy enhanced visuals, maximizing the capabilities of their device.

    Błażej Szaflik, CEO and co-founder of Carbon Studio expressed excitement about the new cooperative play feature. He believes this addition will elevate the magical experience, allowing players to join forces, cast spells in unison, and face challenges in a novel way. Szaflik anticipates this update fostering camaraderie and memorable moments within the community of players.

    ‘The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood’ enhances the original spell-casting game with next-generation VR visuals and the franchise’s first cooperative play mode.

    The remastered experience boasts:

    • Enhanced graphics across all platforms, with specific visual upgrades for Quest 3 users including dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing for smoother graphics, and more detailed environments and enemies.
    • New interactions enrich the fantasy experience, such as climbing boulders, riding trolls, and engaging in trolley cart chases.
    • Additional spells and new enemy variants for varied gameplay.
    • Improved spell-casting controls for enhanced ease of use and accuracy.

    The Brotherhood update adds:

    • A three-player cooperative mode with individual skill trees (Fire, Frost, and Storm).
    • A new co-op campaign with unique objectives and challenges across new magical lands.

    ‘The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood’ is now available for purchase at €24.99 (RM 128) on Meta Quest, Steam, and Viveport . The Brotherhood update is free for all owners of the main game.

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