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    Falling Frontier – Delayed To 2025. Developer Needs More Time

    Hooded Horse, the publisher of Stutter Fox Studios’ space RTS game Falling Frontier, has announced a delay in the game’s release, now scheduled for 2025.

    Despite significant progress in the game’s development this year, including enhanced combat mechanics and a refreshed visual style, unforeseen challenges have slowed the process.

    The additional time will allow the development team to regroup and ensure the game meets its ambitious targets.

    Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender acknowledges the difficulties of indie game development, particularly for smaller teams.

    He expresses pride in the achievements of Todd and Stutter Fox Studios and reaffirms the company’s commitment to the game. While eager to share more with fans, Bender emphasizes the importance of allowing sufficient time for the game to reach its full potential.

    Further updates on Falling Frontier are expected next year.

    Falling Frontier will release in early access for PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store

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