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    ‘Between the Stars’ Set For Official Launch On March 7 After Exiting Early Access

    “Between the Stars” is set to officially exit Early Access and launch its full version on March 7th, according to the developers. The game, which combines space action with role-playing game (RPG) elements, offers players the command of an interstellar cruiser, tasked with navigating through real-time space battles and making strategic decisions to ensure victory.

    In “Between the Stars,” players will engage in a universe filled with procedurally generated events and encounters, requiring them to explore, unlock, customize, and upgrade various spaceships. The progression of the player’s captain is central to the game, with various attributes evolving based on decisions made throughout the journey.

    The game also introduces a permadeath difficulty mode, appealing to those seeking a more challenging experience, where any death results in the termination of the game. With the official release, players can anticipate a fully fleshed-out campaign where the player’s objective is to thwart the threats posed by the “Children of the Sun” faction, across more than 160 main events, aiming to restore peace in the galaxy.

    Additionally, the developers promise more than 200 side events that allow players to immerse themselves in unique adventures, further enhancing the game’s depth. Resource management will play a crucial role, with 25 different ships and an array of weapons and abilities at the player’s disposal.

    The final months leading up to the launch have been spent addressing bugs and polishing gameplay to ensure a seamless experience for players. The game can be found on Steam

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