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    Upcoming Games for Switch in November

    This November, for the Nintendo Switch, you can either choose either the one and only, Pokemon Let’s Go or u Gotta Catch Em All (games we mean)
    Here are few which we think might be worth your time this November;


    TitleRelease DatePrice
    Diablo 3 Eternal CollectionNov-02eShop: USD 59.99 (Approx MYR 252)

    Retail: MYR 229

    Rogue LegacyNov-06eShop: USD 14.99 (Approx MYR 63)

    Retail: TBC

    World of Final Fantasy MaximaNov-06eShop: USD 49.99 (Approx MYR 207)

    Retail: TBC

    Syberia 1 & 2Nov-08eShop: USD 34.99 (Approx MYR 147)

    Retail: TBC

    The Walking Vegetables: Radical EditionNov-08eShop: USD 12.99 (Approx MYR 55)

    Retail: TBC

    TownsmenNov-09eShop: USD 12.99 (Approx MYR 84)

    Retail: TBC

    SNK 40th Anniversary CollectionNov-13eShop: USD 12.99 (Approx MYR 55)

    Retail: MYR 169

    Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/EeveeNov-16eShop: USD 59.99 (Approx MYR 252)

    Retail: MYR 219

    Civilization VINov-16eShop: TBC

    Retail: TBC

    Moto Racer 4Nov-20eShop: USD 34.99 (Approx MYR 147)

    Retail: TBC

    Asterix & Obelix XXLNov-29eShop: USD 49.99 (Approx MYR 210)

    Retail: TBC

    Kamen Rider Climax ScrambleNov-29eShop: TBC

    Retail: MYR 229

    Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2Nov-30eShop: TBC

    Retail: MYR 149


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