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    Two Point Hospital Leader Designer, Dr. Husky Answers Fan’s Questions About the Console Version of the Game.

    Word of caution, he’s not a real doctor, but a professional in giving answers as developers Two Point Studios introduces their lead Designer, Ben “Dr. Husky” Huskins who recently challenged fans to ask whatever they wanted about Two Point Hospital. Expect hilarious quotes, puns, and trivia in-between.

    Will there be any DLC included? Will it get a physical release? Not to worry, he has diagnosed all your answers below:

    Key Features in Point form:
    • Build your rooms and plan hospital layout with your patients in mind
    • Arrange bench, plants, and snacks to keep your staff and patients happy
    • Build machines and rooms to cure illnesses
    • Copy and paste rooms to remove the hassle
    • Edit rooms on the spot
    • Overview mode shifts the camera to a top-down view to analyze your layouts
    • Hire the right doctors for the job
    • Whimsical and punny illnesses– all kinds of unusual illnesses; from Light-headedness to Cubism – each requiring their very own special type of treatment machine.
    • Added DLC expansions bundled in with “Bigfoot” and “Pebberley Island” for additional episodes.

    The doctors will attend to you shortly this coming 25 February 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

    Pre-purchase the game digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One through first-party storefronts, with the digital pre-purchase on Nintendo Switch soon to follow.

    To pre-order the physical edition of Two Point Hospital on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, visit, where you can also find more information about all things Two Point Hospital and sign up for Hospital Pass.

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