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    Two Awesome Looking Gameplay Videos Of Lila’s Sky Ark And Souldiers

    Here are stunning indie gameplay videos for Lila’s Sky Ark and Souldiers. Each video is narrated by the game’s developer to explain more about the game.

    Lila’s Sky Ark

    There are strange characters, puzzles, intense fights, and secrets hidden in Lila’s Sky Ark, a vibrant and colourful action-adventure game set in a trippy psychedelic world by developer Monolith of Minds and publisher Graffiti Games. Lila’s Sky Ark is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

    Source: Graffiti Games

    Game Story and Features as shared on Steam:

    One morning, The Conductor and his generals have invaded the sky island to take all that is magical and musical.

    It is up to Lila and her friends to unite the island’s spirits and craft powerful weapons using alchemy to fight back! With Stone Souls, Titan Eyes, Infinite Branches, and more weird items, you can take on wild animals, hordes of soldiers, and fierce bosses with more heavy metal than you can handle.

    • Craft powerful weapons using alchemy recipes.
    • Battle rabid animals and hordes of pink soldiers and brutal bosses.
    • Lila can throw around all kinds of things that she finds on her way: rocks, barrels, sheep, and more as weapons.
    • Four lively areas filled with wild encounters, challenges, and puzzles.
    • A quirky cast of characters.
    • A hidden story of loss and loneliness.
    • Lila’s Sky Ark tells the prequel story to Resolutiion, where cyber-thriller meets Alice in Wonderland: the first Cradle, the original Dreamer, and the birth of the Red Code Universe.


    Developer Retro Forge and publisher Dear Villagers showcases brand new commented gameplay for their upcoming debut Souldiers at this weekend’s MIX Next event, showing off exploration and action players can look forward to in the grand retro adventure.

    Source: Dear Villagers

    Souldiers wraps Metroidvania exploration, crunchy souls like and precision platforming into one gorgeous pixel art package. Set in Terragaya, a mystical land on the border between life and death, players take on the roles of scout, caster, or archer to battle for freedom.
    ‘Seeing fans get excited about the game already is extremely encouraging – We’re still a long way from launch, but I’m already excited for people to play the full game and discover everything Terragaya has to offer!’

    Alberto Hernández – Creative Director at Retro Forge

    Souldiers will be coming in Spring 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch. For more of our past coverage of Souldier, check out this link provided.

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