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    Big Helmet Heroes | Reveal Trailer

    Developer Exalted Studio and publisher Dear Villagers released a reveal trailer of the upcoming PVE beat’em up adventure, Big Helmet Heroes – coming to PC and PlayStation 5.

    About the Game

    A Classic 3D beat’em up adventure with adorable knights, full of surprising worlds and situations. Grab your buddy and play in 2 player co-op to save the princess, but this is only the beginning.

    Feature as shared on Steam:

    Key Features:

    Dynamic Combat Styles: Harness the power of 4 distinct combat styles. use your surroundings to your advantage by wielding whimsical and funny weapons.

    • The Warrior, skilled with both sword and shield balances attack and defence masterfully, a true asset on the battlefield. Strategic use of the shield complements the swordsmanship.
    • Meet the Brute, a formidable presence with a massive two-handed weapon. The slower pace is offset by powerful strikes that can decisively shift the course of the battle.
    • The Rogue, a master of stealth and speed, wields twin daggers to silently take down enemies. Rapid, stealthy attacks inflict a deadly force before the foes are even aware of the danger.
    • The Monk, in tune with nature, combines aerial agility with fluid movements. Wielding a deceivably simple staff to create a dance of destruction is as effective as it is beautiful.

    Co-op Gameplay: Experience the joy of cooperative gameplay in local co-op mode. Tackle enemies together, strategize your next moves, or just enjoy the chaos of battling side by side with your friend.

    Expansive, Imaginative Worlds: Explore levels that push the boundaries of creativity, each more surprising and visually stunning than the last. The vibrant backdrops and intricate designs set the stage for unforgettable adventures.

    Unique Hero Powers: Each hero comes with their own special abilities that can demolish obstacles and enemies alike. These superpowers are not only unique but also visually explosive, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

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