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    TGS 2019: Death Stranding 50 minute Gameplay walkthrough Session Volume 1

    New 50-minute gameplay video of Death Stranding debuted in Tokyo Game Show 2019 by publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Kojima Productions, presented by legendary director Hideo Kojima himself. Referred as the “Gameplay Session Volume 1”, here is it’s video presented below courtesy of GamersPrey.


    Here are the following features found in this gameplay trailer, do note that the trailer is not in English:

    • Sam is bag packing (with indications of the maximum load of 120 KG), putting up his equipment’s as well as balancing is key to this game.
    • It appears Sam is carrying various items to deliver ranging from medications, weapons, sperms and some lost cargo.
    • You are able to plan and plot routes before heading out. Indicator of the route will be shown on the field.
    • Watch your stamina as you venture out. Change shoes if you have to.
    • Sam is able to use some form of the topographical scanner so avoid the red zone while walking in the water. If you step into the red zone, Sam will fall and lose a cargo.
    • Play the harmonica to sooth the Bb, prompting a “like”.
    • Take care of your bloody feet, it looks painful.
    • Delivering cargo to different terminal points seems to highlight different NPC’s interaction, mostly appears to be cameos of famous people.
    • Ladders placed by yourself in locations seems to be a permanent placing rather than temporary.
    • It seems things such as ladders from other players will appear in your game, however, there is no indication of direct confrontation with this said players.
    • Everything left from players seems to have a like button and indication of how many people liked what he/she has placed from ladders all the way to the musical raining protected rest area.
    • Sam has options to take a rest, shoulder massage, change shoes and take a nap.
    • Use a Container Repair Spray to restore the integrity of the cargo box including your own.
    • Lockers seem to open up multiple techs, such as a bipedal “Power Skeleton” that attaches itself to your legs, allowing to carry more than heavier instead. It appears to be left by other players as well with it’s liked button.
    • Lockers also seem to have a tech called “Floating Carrier” which basically holds your loads for you while hovering behind you.
    • “Floating Carrier” can also be used as a hoverboard to silently infiltrate bases.
    • One of the key gameplay featured is entering into bases. taking cargo as well as silently taking down guards like Solid Snake.
    • You don’t just take the loots, you will have to manage it as an attachment to be placed on which parts of your body or back to carry it.
    • Bola Gun shoots up weights on the ends of interconnected cords, tying up enemies in the process.
    • Aside from melee your foes, Sam is also able to throw a cargo box to cause an impact blow to his opponents.
    • With newly attached Speed Skeleton, Sam is able to outrun a truck vehicle and hijack it via Grand Theft Auto Style however enemies are able to shoot up an electrical based rods to stop the vehicle.
    • Bola Gun can also be used to ensnare the BT spirit.
    • Captured by BT’s “spectral creatures” will be pulled into a boss fight, the player then tosses a Hematic Grenade to add some damage to this giant dog like boss, stopping it at its feet. Jump on top of a school bus or even building to building to traverse around the boss.
    • In the midst of the boss fights, there seems to be a hologram helper who looks to be another player throwing aid and weapons to Sam as he is asking for help. The weapon appears to be an Anti-BT Handgun, doing hefty damage to the boss.
    • Dip yourself recharging spring left by other players to regain stamina and hear Sam singing a form of lullaby.
    • You can even leave signs behind for other players like a Dark Souls elements.
    • Ride a bike left from other players as well. Arrow signs left by other players seems to boost the bikes speed too.
    • Including man-made steel bridges left by players to cross the river.

    My first short impression take is that this game encompasses an open beautiful empty world, slowly filled up by other people playing this game to aid you indirectly in shelters, locker techs, weaponry, and even certain constructions. Not sure for now what form of rewards other players gets for getting the “likes” from others.

    Aside from that there is a few mix elements of of sneaking, fighting, shooting, racing, cargo management, Bb calming and also enjoying the view of landscapes Sam is walking on.

    Death Stranding will start reconnecting with everyone this coming November 8, 2019, for PlayStation 4.

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