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    Tears of Themis – Symphony Of The Night And Howling Pumpkin Events Coming Soon

    Tears of Themis is launching a series of seasonal limited-time events in October.

    The events include the investigation event ‘Symphony of the Night’ and the ‘Howling Pumpkin’ reward-obtaining event that comes after the first one.

    During the duration of the event, players could embark on thrilling investigations to find out who the mastermind was behind the attack of the Big Data Lab, as well as encountering various mysterious happenings in the pumping field by chance.

    Completing the challenges would unlock tons of rewards and bonuses.

    Symphony of the Night

    While the world falls asleep on a seemingly peaceful night, a mysterious contract was sent to the NXX team members, just the same time as the Big Data Lab came under attack.

    For unsealing the truth behind the case, players must work closely with the four male protagonists and conduct a series of special investigations as soon as possible.

    During the event, players will first activate the “Vesper Box” and accept the mysterious contract.

    Investigation areas and cases can be unlocked using “New Clues” gained from finishing limited-time tasks.

    The Chatroom of NXX will also be opened during the event period, for players to share and track locations with the NXX team members.

    Symphony of the Night is a limited-time event that runs;

    From October 20, 2021 (11.00 AM UTC+9)
    November 3, 2021 (4.00 AM UTC+9)

    Players who complete the event will receive S-Chip x 800, Stellin, Selection Star II, and the event-limited badge ‘Witch’s Gift’.

    “Symphony of the Night” Event Shadow of Themis will also be available during the same time, two SSR and two SR cards are having drop rates increased in the event Shadow of Themis, listed as: Vyn SSR “Between Good and Evil,” Marius SSR “Fabulous Feast,” Luke SR “How I Remember You,” and Artem SR “Fixated on You.”

    Howling Pumpkin

    During the event period, players can harvest pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes in the pumpkin field, unlock different pumpkin archives, and encounter various mysterious happenings in the pumpkin field.

    The Howling Pumpkin event runs;

    From October 29, 2021 (11.00 AM UTC+9)
    November 12, 2021 (4.00 AM UTC+9)

    Participate in the “Howling Pumpkin” event to obtain the Event-Limited “Jack-o’-Lantern Badge” badge, S-Chip ×480, Oracle of Justice, and other rich rewards!

    *Information above has been updated

    Tears of Themis is now available on both Android via Google Play and iOS on the App Store.

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