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    ‘Tears of Themis’ Announces ‘Gourmet Gastronomy’ Event & New Main Story Episode

    HoYoverse has recently unveiled plans for an upcoming limited-time event in their romance detective game, “Tears of Themis,” titled “Gourmet Gastronomy,” set to commence on February 5, 2024.

    The event promises a blend of culinary delights and engaging social interactions under a luminous moonlit sky. Additionally, the narrative of “Tears of Themis” will continue to unfold with the release of Main Story Episode 11, “Cocoon (I),” on February 6, 2024, accompanied by a special NXX Investigation event, offering players the opportunity to delve into new mysteries and earn rewarding prizes.

    The “Gourmet Gastronomy” event is set to introduce four new MR cards featuring characters Luke, Artem, Vyn, and Marius, each associated with unique gastronomic themes.

    A promotional video showcasing these characters amidst a backdrop of traditional Chinese music has been released to give players a glimpse into the event’s festive atmosphere. Participants in the event can undertake specific tasks to acquire S-Chips, Event MR cards, and more. Additionally, the event includes a game mechanism where players can choose one MR card per round as their final reward, with a total of four rounds planned.

    Following closely, Main Story Episode 11, “Cocoon (I),” will explore themes of morality, destiny, and the complex interplay between good and evil. Players who complete all levels of this episode can expect to receive various rewards, including Tears of Themis and Stellin.

    The concurrent NXX Special Investigation event encourages players to gather clues and solve cases, with incentives such as S-Chips and card level-up materials up for grabs. The event also features cost-saving benefits like half AP costs for certain main story levels and doubled rewards for HQ Resource Requisition and Case Analysis activities.

    Since its launch on July 29, 2021, “Tears of Themis” has been accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, offering game text in multiple languages and dubbing in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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