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    Monster Hunter Rise Review

    Developed By: Capcom

    Published By: Capcom

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch & PC (2022)

    Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch


    The story takes place in Kamura Village which almost wiped out during the rampage that happens 50 years ago, Now as a new hunter, your task to hunt and investigate the reason behind the cause of the Rampage Event.


    Swing around with the Wirebug…

    A new mechanism introduced to Monster Hunter Rise enables new ways to explore the maps and hunting monsters. Basically, I feel like Spiderman or Tarzan swinging around exploring the map by wall-running or swinging to places which is hard to access. It also affords players the mobility in avoiding incoming attacks or Wirefall which enables quick recovery after getting hit by monsters. Apart from providing mobility, it also gives all 14 weapons each their own unique attack called the Silkbind Attack which allows hunters to use in the midst of battle. Every silkbind attack will consume 1 or 2 Wirebug Gauge depending on which skill you execute, to either deliver huge damage, increase status ailment damage or launch a stylish finishing attack on the monster. Besides silkbind attacks, a new featured Switch Skill was added which allows hunters to change 3 of their attack combo and it is totally up to hunters to customize their own playstyle to either stick with the old attack combo or switch skills to other new forms of combo.

    Hi, Utsushi…

    Another new feature added which make mounting more fun is called Wyvern Riding, allowing hunters to bind on and temporary control the monsters, just like a cowboy. You can ride on the monster and launch an attack on another monster and execute as well with a mounted punisher attack while you watch the monster attack animation on its back. I like Magnamalo’s punisher attack (jumping around to blast the target monster), or Rajang’s punisher attack (a Kamehameha attack out from its mouth).

    While exploring you will encounter these cute little endemic life called Spiribird which gives you a permanent buff depending on which type of colours you encounter. It will either increase health, stamina, attack, defence, or all together. There is a limit on how much you can collect of course or else it will be imbalanced right? The buff will also last until the end of the quest. Apart from Spiribird, there also Clothfly, a butterfly that gives you temporary increased defence, attack or an affinity buff depending on which type.

    Let’s not forget about the little guy “toad” featured in MH World where instead of luring monsters to the toad, now hunters can pick it up and place it where the monster will be or like the element beetles, throw them at the monsters to inflict element blight damage.


    Gonna Craft Them All…

    First of all, the improvement of the weapons designs is great compared to the previous MH World as mostly the design looks like few parts of the monster with glued on metal steel designs, maybe perhaps based on a more realism driven design. But I’m glad the weapons in Monster Hunter Rise look more resembling the monsters as well as the Armour design. The armour “set bonus skill” has been removed and replaced with “piece set bonus” and provides a skill that will activate when hunting or when the requirement is met. There is a secret armour set that will not appear unless you acquire the rare materials which can be obtained from sending your buddies to Argosy (similar to Botanical Research from MHW) and Meowcenaries to investigate lands for materials and loot!

    have a nice dive… remember bring back rare items!

    Decoration jewels can now be crafted instead of RNG drops from monsters after the hunts, and of course, the requirements to craft the jewels require monster materials as well BUT as for Talisman you are required to meld using monster materials or defenders tickets which can be earned by completing the Rampage Mode and the talisman skill you get will be RNG!!! (Melding Pot – Wisp of Mystery/Rebirth)

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    Why not Both…?

    Hunters can now bring two Companions (buddy) to hunt in single players mode. You can choose whether to bring 2 Palico’s, 2 Palamute’s or one of each. While in multiplayer mode, you can only choose to bring one. What is the difference between those two buddies you might ask?

    Palamute’s is a new buddy added in Monster Hunter Rise which allows hunters to ride and travel faster to reach the destination, In battles, Palamutes will attack the monster by following your attack command and you can ride Palamutes in the midst of battle to sharpen your weapons which give advantages to avoid incoming attacks as normally when sharpening your weapon, you are basically standing still.

    Next, let’s move on to Palico’s, a support buddy which has to equip a “Palico move” in the game, depending on which type of Palico you hire to scout, attack, assist, gathering, and etc. For example, the endemic life barrage move allows Palico’s to use the toads and shoot at the monsters to apply status ailments, power drum move, increase attacks and defence for both hunter and buddy or pilfer, an attack that steals materials from monsters which works like the plunderblade in MH World. Lastly, you can craft armour and weapons for both Palamute’s and Palico’s as well as apply layered armour to both of them.

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    Incoming Rampage from a horde of monsters!

    Rampage Mode a “Tower Defense” like mode where you defend wave after wave of monsters from destroying the gate. There are 3 waves of monsters and the last wave will be either Apex monsters or Elder Dragons depending on the quest. Try completing the assignments and sub assignments as much as possible as it will gain points and level up the stronghold, which will unlock more and upgrade the installation so that you can summon Kamura Heroes to aid you! Apart from using the hunting installation to deal damage, when Counter Signal is sounded, it will increase the hunter’s attack power. It is recommended to go down and fight the monster yourself as the damage you deal is more effective than the hunting installation. I personally feel the rampage mode is designed for 4 players, although yes solo is still doable at low rank but in high rank, to achieve S/S+ Rank you are required to complete 90% of the assignments which will result in more rewards upon completion.

    busy busy busy…


    Beautiful World/Sound…

    Using the Switch compatible version of RE Engine which is developed by Capcom, the game manages to sustain 30fps. In multiplayer mode, I do notice a little bit of frame rate drop in certain areas like the flooded forest or shrine ruins when the hunt is happening around flowing water. It is further tested with each blood and attack effect from different types of weapons but is hardly noticeable when you are laser focused on the hunt especially in Rampage mode which is remarkable!

    The monster icon design, as well as the loading art, is using the Japanese ink painting style and introduces each monster with a Japanese voice-over together with a drum and film effect filter which makes me feel like playing/watching an old classic feudal japan monster movie hahaha…

    The soundtrack for each monster is nicely done especially with the Ibushi Theme as it makes me feel like a catastrophic event is happening or the finale of an anime. I personally like the Magnamalo Theme. There are minor issues with some of the themes like the Rajang Theme which has been overshadowed by the attack effects, oh and Khezu… most veterans will understand BUT for me? My previous experience is from MHWorld and so I thought it was buggy but I thought it is something that it is impossible for a developer to miss and so I went googled it and now I understand hahaha… good job Capcom!

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    What I liked…

    • Free update content in terms of monsters.
    • Huge Monster Hunter Community as well as guide for those who 1st time playing the game.
    • Character no longer mute!!! and will indicate a warning to you when monsters are launching an attack, or when using silkbind attack!
    • Fast loading!!!
    • Quality of life improvement.


    What I Wished was Better…

    • The attack effect is quite flashy when all 4 players hitting on the monster it becomes chaotic even with the effect off in the option.
    • No in-game voice chat with players.
    • The story ending a bit disappointed, it feels incomplete like there will have another sequel coming like Monster Hunter Rise 2…? although the dev mention there will be a new ending coming on April DLC…


    Final Verdict

    When writing this review, I already spent almost 60+ hours into the game…
    Monster Hunter games have always been an easy game to play but a tough one to master. Each of the weapon types is unique and requires a very different approach/use, the game gives players to customize their own build depending on their playstyle.

    My Monster Hunting days started in MH World on the PS4, and I’ve spent countless times learning and mastering how each new skill weapons works most effectively and If you are a new Monster Hunter player, worry not! There are some pretty good and detailed content creators out there who really know what they’re talking about. My reference material is usually – Arekkz Gaming, Gaijin Hunter, Team Darkside.

    Sure, you can just play and figure it out on your own, training grounds are there as well as tutorials for you to try out each weapon and that works too. Playing online with other players is another good way to broaden a hunter’s know-how and knowledge about this game. It should be obvious by now that Monster Hunter is a very technical game, although I would say casual gamers would still find it attractive.

    Final Score – 8/10

    Seek "quality" and "perfection" when gaming, no matter what class/heroes he use, will master it and always and always will be in front line of battle which lead to 2 outcome: alive (showing off how great he is), dead (noob that why, laugh by team mates) every heroes/item/weapons he use eventually become memes or nerf by developers. (mercy, hanzo) happy go lucky and freedom is all he seek.

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