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    Street Fighter 6 Celebrates Monster Hunter’s 20th Anniversary With Exciting In-Game Event

    In an exciting blend of two gaming worlds, “Street Fighter 6” is set to enrich its gameplay experience with an in-game event celebrating the “Monster Hunter” series’ 20th anniversary.

    Starting April 1st, 2024, players will be introduced to themed avatar equipment, emoticons, titles, and more, all inspired by the iconic “Monster Hunter” series. The Hub Goods Shop will also feature an array of 15 weapon-type accessories derived from “Monster Hunter,” allowing players to further customize their avatars.

    To mark this special occasion, “Street Fighter 6” will roll out a series of collaboration events throughout April, beginning on the 1st. These events are designed to pay homage to the enduring legacy of “Monster Hunter” and offer players unique rewards and immersive experiences.

    Among the premium rewards available through April’s Fighting Pass are the “Rathalos” series equipment, including the Rathalos Helm, Mail, Coil, Greaves, and the whimsical Felyne Head, transforming players’ avatars into formidable hunters.

    The event will also introduce the ‘Happy Hunting!’ camera frame, the ‘Gimmie it Well-Done!’ title, and the ‘Hunter’s Dance’ emote, further deepening the thematic immersion. The Battle Hub will don a “Monster Hunter” theme, complete with thematic decorations and background music, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere.

    Additionally, iconic monsters from the “Monster Hunter” series, such as Rathalos and Rathian, will make appearances in camera mode, allowing players to capture memorable snapshots amidst their battles. The Fighting Pass (Premium Rewards) not only unlocks these themed rewards but also offers the classic game “Magic Sword” for players to enjoy within the Battle Hub.

    The ‘Fighting Pass’ system encourages players to earn points through gameplay, with the accumulation of points leading to various rewards. The introduction of Fighter Coins as rewards beyond level 21 adds an extra layer of incentive for players to engage with the event.

    Moreover, the event will see the introduction of “Monster Hunter” series-inspired accessories available for purchase in the Hub Goods Shop, offering further customization options for players’ avatars. A special ‘Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary’ Voting Event will also be held, allowing players to express their preferences for their favourite weapon type from the series and earn Drive Tickets in the process.

    To celebrate the occasion, special events will be hosted to commemorate the birthdays of characters ‘Kimberly’ and ‘JP,’ complete with character-exclusive tournaments and rewards. This collaborative effort between “Street Fighter 6” and the “Monster Hunter” series not only honors the legacy of “Monster Hunter” but also enriches the player experience within “Street Fighter 6,” offering a unique fusion of two beloved gaming franchises.

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