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    Switch: Azure Saga: Pathfinder Deluxe Edition

    An isometric based RPG Azure Saga: Pathfinder Deluxe Edition has been announced by publisher Toge Productions and is being developed by MassHive Media.



    Band together to journey to distant planets

    Play as a young scientist, Synch, as he travels across galaxies in search of a legendary planet, Azure, for resources that could bring humanity back from extinction, meeting new companions and even potentially find his dad in the process.

    Key Features are as follows:

    • Classic old school RPG adventure with puzzles and secrets
    • Immersive classic storyline with beautiful 2D illustrations
    • RPG classic turn based gameplay back from the 90s
    • Configure your characters gears, and mix skills to uncover more powerful abilities with special effects

    First launched in PC back in March 2018, the game will be heading to Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop on March 21, 2019.


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