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    Switch: A first look at Kunai

    Developer TurtleBlaze and publisher The Arcade Crew has recently announced their ninja metroidvania style game, Kunai .


    Play as a TV Screen/monitor robot Ninja

    A world where human lives are almost extinct and mass robots roam free across the earth. Play as Tabby, a killer robot infused or downloaded with a soul of an ancient warrior. Killing and seeking for its true purpose in this desolate mechanical world.

    It wont be a ninja game without trees

    Key features:

    • Like Zen, Start out with nothing, gain back everything from abilities, weapons and WACHAAA ninja tricks
    • It’s not a ninja game without secret passages, explore more as mobile as you can. You are a ninja after all
    • Graphics are like Marie Kondo, with mild minimalistic soft colour palettes which will be more beautiful once contrast of the action starts kicking in. Less is definitely more with much sparks joy pixel art goodness
    • The main character face is like an emoji displaying cute and funny emotions as he slashes around
    • Speaking of that, slash, dodge, deflect, guns blazing and throw KUNAI your way into defeating your robotic foes with much action packed badassery


    Omae wa no shideiru
    Be one with the gun

    This game is undergoing maintenance and development as there is currently no release date for it. It is currently slated for Nintendo Switch and PC release. Stay tuned for more.


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