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    Soul Survivors, Dark-Fantasy Roguelite, Now Available On Steam

    Soul Survivors, the dark fantasy time-survival rogue-lite from developer and publisher Stingbot Games, is now available on Steam Early Access for PC and Deck Verified.

    Face mobs of monstrous foes in a skill-based showdown combining dynamic classes, meta-game progression, and challenging yet fair combat. Cut through flesh constructs, ashen skeletons, money-laden mollusks, and more in a finely tuned experience drawing inspiration from time-survival games, Soulslikes, and highly replayable roguelikes punctuated by harrowing boss encounters.

    The Early Access version of Soul Survivors launches with two playable characters, with six total planned throughout development, each providing wildly different combat experiences. Stand as the stalwart Bogatyr, an armored knight with access to earth-shattering hammers and an empowering horn, or command undead legions as the Necromancer while controlling the arc of the dark sorcerer’s spiked flail.

    Transform class-specific automated attacks with powerups and modifiers that alter the flow of combat, like the Bogatyr’s fearsome Butcher’s Blade’s shattering AOE effects. Spend gold to upgrade talents and unlock persistent upgrades like the Necromancer’s Soul Reaver, a skill granting pets the power to collect souls. Experiment with builds catering to all manner of playstyles that allow each hero to turn into an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

    Fight to stay alive in stages inhabited by countless foes. Make micro-decisions during the din of combat and prepare for showdowns against bosses that arrive at timed intervals. Face the Flesh Golem in the forlorn Linden Forest and take a crack at the hulking skeleton Chancellor Autlaic deep below a fallen castle. But be wary, besting these beasts doesn’t grant victory; defeating a stage’s final boss throws heroes into Cursed Mode, ramping the carnage to near-impossible levels.

    Soul Survivors builds upon the familiar framework established by popular time-survival games and adds a robust combat system familiar to action-RPG fans to create a rewarding experience that encourages mastery and experimentation. With frequent updates planned throughout Early Access, survivors will have new characters, stages, and challenges to face on the road to the 1.0 release.

    Soul Survivors is available now on Steam Early Access for PC and Deck Verified for $3.99 USD with English-language support.

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