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    Soar through the skies with this 3D shooting game, Flying Girl Striker

    Previously released on mobile platforms for both iOS and Android, publisher Mediascape and developer Stardia are pleased to announce their flying project, Flying Girl Striker is heading to Switch this coming September 25, 2019, for $15.00/62.74 MYR with optional language’s available ranging from Japanese, English, Spanish, and Chinese.



    Key lock-on Features

    • Feel the exhilarating 3D with soaring dynamic camera work and effects, aligning and homing unto enemies one after another!
    • Progress through varied stages and later tougher enemy characters.
    • Upgrade and customize your aircraft by buying power ups in the shop. Giving you an edge in the battles to come.

    Available digitally via Nintendo eShop on September 25, 2019.

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