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    Terminator: Resistance brings first person shooter gameplay with RPG elements

    Featuring an original story based on the ‘THE TERMINATOR’ and ‘T2: JUDGMENT DAY’ film, developer Teyon and publisher Reef Entertainment announce the trailer of Terminator: Resistance, taking place 31 years after Judgment Day.


    Meet Jacob Rivers

    Play as a private soldier in the Resistance Pacific Division soon marked and targeted for termination by SKYNET for unknown reasons. Experience the futuristic events with iconic music leading up to the conclusive final battle.

    Rise against machines with this game-play features:

    • Fight against iconic enemies from the film including new types of enemies including the old T-800.
    • While searching for scraps to trade or craft, equip yourself with plasma weaponry with the option to run and gun or sneak and hack.
    • Level up your skills and decide what sort of hero you wanted to be in a post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles by upgrading your ranks via completing story missions and side-quests.
    • The fate of mankind is in your hands! Protect a group of survivors, each with their own motivations and backstories. Actions you choose to take will determine their very own survival and ending you will get.

    Currently, this game is targeted for release in Europe for November 15, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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