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    Screens filled with bullets with Grand Brix Shooter, coming to Switch and PC

    Intragames Co. Ltd has announced the upcoming release of Grand Brix Shooter for the Switch and PC via Steam.


    Is it Bree or Brix?

    Arcade shooters were really action-packed and flashy, and that kept us glued to the screen back in the days when visiting the arcade was the absolute craze. Grand Brix Shooter brings back that feeling, the new hyper arcade shoot’ em up! The game is a bullet-hell fusion shooter where you have to survive from waves of enemy’s attack. Upgrade your aircraft and deal massive damage to the enemies to take them down quickly and earn crystals that can be used to upgrade your aircraft even further.

    There are 10+ playable aircraft with its own unique skills. Once the aircraft has been upgraded, the overall performance and the appearance are enhanced giving players higher chances to survive on the stage.

    Secret units with massive power can be unlocked through achieving the quests and this makes easier to win the colossal bosses. The all-new “Fusion System” in the game allows you to combine your aircraft with random appearing aircraft around you, increasing your firing potency and damaging abilities!

    some of the key features of the game:

    • Fusion system lets you combine with randomly-appearing aircrafts
    • Upgrade system lets you collect experience points to power up your aircraft
    • Strategic elements – change crafts at the right time to survive the waves of bullets
    • Secret units with massive power are hidden
    • Challenge Mode lets you compete with friends for high scores
    • Online leaderboard encourages you to step up your game

    Grand Brix Shooter will be shooting its way to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in late August.

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