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    Deemo Reborn coming to Japan this November!

    A musical adventure remade in 3D, Deemo Reborn has been announced by developer Rayark Inc and publisher Unties. The game will be released both physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 while the first print copies will include a Deemo Reborn PlayStation 4 theme.


    Never Left Without Saying Goodbye

    Making the move from 2D to 3D helps to bring elements from the dreamy picture book aesthetics of Deemo to life. The new exploration mode allows Alice to solve puzzles and unlock new deeper stories.

    Exploring the castle will reward you with new sheet music which allows the mysterious Deemo to play pieces of rhythm tunes with his piano. The best part is with over 60 songs, there will be new songs with other participating artists such as the Nobuo Uematsu-led band Earthbound Papas, metal band Jigoku Quartet guitarist Shinichi Kobayashi, and classical music group Mili.

    VR Mode is supported, allowing the player to play notes immersively with 2 PlayStation Move Motion Controllers while TV Mode allows you to play as Deemo with button controls. This allows players to choose to play Deemo however they want.

    Join this music adventure with Deemo Reborn coming to Japan on November 21, 2019, for PlayStation 4 priced at 3,980 yen/ 156.10 MYR. Do note that there are future DLC’s planned to add more songs in the future.

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