HomeNewsPre-order promotion revealed for Super Cane Magic ZERO on Nintendo Switch.

    Pre-order promotion revealed for Super Cane Magic ZERO on Nintendo Switch.

    Intragames Co. Ltd has revealed the pre-order promotions of the couch co-op, action arcade RPG Super Cane Magic ZERO developed by Italian YouTube artist-cartoonist Simone “Sio” Albrigi and Studio Evil for Nintendo Switch.

    Game Overview

    A local co-op comedy action RPG, Super Cane Magic Zero is a huge game that explores the secrets of the world where there is a total of 15 playable characters and there are hundreds of items and perks to be collected. You have to gear up, eat rocks, throw banana boomerangs, fight a giant potato and you are able to fight your friends in local PVP arenas too. The world of WOTF is in a great danger and it’s up to you to save the world. The characters include; Dude, a baker with the power of bacon. Dudette, the unstoppable plumber. Dudward, the candy healer wizard and Dudorah, the influencer.


    • 20+ hour Story Mode. Go dangerously alone or team up with up to 3 friends!
    • Crazy storyline and characters from the works of the Italian comic artist Sio
    • 8 local-multiplayer brawl arenas. Challenge your friends in furious battles!
    • 18+ playable characters with unique and mind-twisting abilities
    • Explore a huge world and countless locations spanning across 10 different environments
    • Loads of handcrafted challenges plus 3 additional procedurally generated dungeons
    • Follow your tastes and find a balanced diet. Eat at least four types of rock!
    • Choose what to believe in and make it real! Improve your abilities by unlocking belief trees
    • Full-fledged, accessible RPG progression with 7 upgrade trees, and hundreds of unique perks and items
    About the Secret Bonus Content DLC

    Poptarts packs more secrets than ever: this pre-order bonus will power up mysterious mechanisms below the Academy. Activating the strange lever hidden in the dark Underground Archives will spawn exclusive chests and loot! You will also get a limited one-way ticket to the other side of the moon: prepare your bombs (and your knees) to challenge your friends in the cheese-flavored “Bouncy Bombers” PvP Arena. Springs, potions, jumps and explosions!

    Super Cane Magic Zero will be available in the Nintendo eShop on May 30 for USD 24.99 (approx MYR 105) for North America and Europe. For players who purchase the game on Nintendo Switch during launch month will receive the Secret Bonus Content DLC, unlocking two exclusive items and a stellar PvP arena! Also, pre-order and enjoy an additional 10% discount on the North American eShop.

    SCMZ Switch Pre-order Promotion (NA only)
    Super Cane Magic ZERO: Secret Bonus Content (DLC) + 10% discount
    Promotion runs from May 16 to May 29.

    SCMZ Switch Release Promotion (NA and EU)
    Super Cane Magic ZERO: Secret Bonus Content (DLC).
    Promotion runs from May 30 to June 30.

    Super Cane Magic Zero will be also available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam on the same date. Players from the Asian region may have to wait until Q3 2019 for the game to be released.

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