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    Santa stealthier than ever in Ho-Ho-Home Invasion, coming for the PC

    Play as Santa preparing his stealth skills ahead of Christmas Eve, delivering presents under trees, filling stockings, and making a swift exit – without getting caught! Whitepot Studios brings us this free festive stealth micro-game, created especially for the festive season. Trailer below:

    This year, due to social distancing requirements, Santa can’t undertake his normal training. Thankfully, his elves have crafted a fully automated Santa training area in a disused warehouse – with five bespoke “houses” for Santa to sneak his way through.

    In the 5 available house layouts, help Santa make his stealthy deliveries before the time runs out and a kid wakes up to an empty Christmas tree!

    Make your way through fake houses, past fake robot residents, and place some fake presents, all in record time. Be sure to:

    • Peek around corners
    • Tiptoe to be quiet
    • Avoid training robots
    • Place presents
    • Safely escape the house

    Things you need to avoid:

    • Watchers – tiptoe past them when their head is buried in a book
    • Sleepers – quietly place presents in the stockings at the foot of their bed
    • And Patrollers – wait until their back is turned before making a run for it!

    Ho-Ho-Home Invasion will launch on Steam and on December 15th for FREE.


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