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    Samurai Shodown – Trailer for Galford, Tam Tam and Rimururu

    Nearing the release of their upcoming fighting game Samurai Shodown, SNK has introduced more returning characters in recent trailers featuring the swift Galford, warrior Tam Tam and Nakoruru’s sister by the name of Rimururu who turns air into ice.

    Galford D. Weller

    As a self proclaim “Superhero of Justice,” he fights alongside his husky, Poppy for the sake of world peace and makes swift justice with his fast ninja moves.

    Tam Tam

    A warrior from a South American village called Green Hell, wearing a divine mask to unleash his unique fighting of eating, throwing and spit a ball of flame out of his mouth.



    First DLC character Rimururu joins the fight with her use of Kodachi blade and ice creation abilities while looking cute doing it.

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    First 6 months DLC will be free to anyone who buys the game and redeems the season pass within the first week of release, including 4 new fighters.

    The game will slash its way for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One into North America and Europe on 25th June 2019, while the arcade version will release this summer 2019, followed up with Nintendo Switch and PC for a cold winter 2019.

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