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    E3 @ 2019 – Desperados III gameplay trailer

    A prequel to the wild wild west original series, THQ Nordiq has released a new gameplay trailer of Desperados III which stays true to its roots with firm real-time strategy controlling a group of 5 outlaws with their own gun totting skills, tricks and abilities to survive in a mission against a relentless corporate tycoon.

    Align your shots with this Showdown features:

    • 25 hours content with 2 parallel timelines showing Cooper as an adult or a child
    • Team up with 5 Desperados and their skills to stealthily or not to thin out the herd of enemies, utilize all their skills with perfect planning
    • Each mission promises with different solution and branching paths
    • Choose to end your enemies with lethal or non-lethal style with various difficulty settings and special replayable challenges

    Expect the Cowboys soon on the PS4, Xbox One and PC by end of 2019.

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