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    Samurai Shodown: Ukyo making a comeback


    Developer SNK together with Publisher Athlon Games reveals another familiar face in the series known as Ukyo Tachibana, who is Haohmaru’s rival and known as an iaijutsu expert with a weak body stricken by tuberculosis.


    An apple a day does not keep Ukyo away

    One of his many deadly moves involves throwing an apple in the air and slice it in multiple attempts which will not only slice the enemy but the apple as well. He has a mean quick-draw, disarm, and a minimal perfect dodge. He is relatively defensive but with quick strikes that will surprise his opponents midway.


    The game will slash its way for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One into North America and Europe for June 2019 while the arcades version will release this summer 2019 following up with Nintendo Switch and PC for a cold winter 2019.


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