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    Ride in style in FFXIV Online from Twitch

    Square Enix, in collaboration with live streaming service, Twitch, will be launching a new program to distribute a number of in-game items for Final Fantasy XIV Online.

    it’s big and it’s black and it’s cool

    FFXIV players can obtain both the Heavenscracker in-game item and the Fat Black Chocobo in-game mount by making use of Twitch’s gift subscription service when select streamers are broadcasting their time in the game.

    In case you’re wondering what is the Heavenscracker item

    Viewers that gift one subscription in participating channels will receive 100 of the in-game Deluxe Heavenscracker items while gifting four total subscriptions will grant them the Fat Black Chocobo Whistle, used to summon the in-game mount of the same name.

    Gifted subscriptions can be distributed in one channel or multiple channels, and the items can be received only once per Twitch account.

    Participating streamers must be broadcasting whilst playing FFXIV Online at the time the gifted subscription is given. If the gifted subscription is given outside of an FFXIV Online broadcast, it will not count towards the program.

    Considering the recently announced fourth expansion pack, Endwalker which will be released on November 23rd, there surely be plenty of streaming activity going on launch day.

    For further information, look into FFXIV site

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