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    Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH: A Behind-the-Scenes Documentary Series By SQUARE ENIX

    SQUARE ENIX has unveiled “Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH,” a four-part documentary series offering an in-depth look at the making of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.

    The series provides unique insights from the iconic development team, including Director Naoki Hamaguchi, Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura, and Story & Scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, among others.

    Episode 1

    The documentary series, available on SQUARE ENIX’s YouTube channel, grants fans and newcomers an exclusive look behind the scenes. It features candid interviews with the game’s directors, designers, voice talent, and more, revealing never-before-shared details about the game’s expansive world, character dynamics, and rich storytelling.

    Episode 2


    “Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH” showcases the creative minds behind the game, including insights from:

    • Naoki Hamaguchi (Director)
    • Yoshinori Kitase (Producer)
    • Tetsuya Nomura (Creative Director)
    • Makoto Ise (Sound Director)
    • Keiji Kawamori (Music Supervisor)
    • Mitsuto Suzuki (Composer)
    • Takako Miyake (Environment Director)
    • Iichiro Yamaguchi (Lighting Director)
    • Shintaro Takai (Art Director)
    • Mizushi Sugawara (Environment Artwork Supervisor)
    • Teruki Endo (Battle Director)
    • Motomu Toriyama (Co-Director)
    • Kazushige Nojima (STELLAVISTA LTD.) (Story & Scenario)
    • Dai Suzuki (Main Character Modeler & Lead Character Artist)
    • Hiroyuki Yamaji (Animation Director (Battle))
    • Hidekazu Miyake (Cutscene Director)
    • Junichi Hayashi (Cutscene Co-Director)
    • Akira Iwasawa (Facial Director)
    • Cody Christian (Voice of Cloud Strife)
    • Britt Baron (Voice of Tifa Lockhart)
    • Briana White (Voice of Aerith Gainsborough)
    • John Eric Bentley (Voice of Barret Wallace)
    • Max Mittelman (Voice of Red XIII)
    • Suzie Yeung (Voice of Yuffie Kisaragi)
    • Matthew Mercer (Voice of Vincent Valentine)
    • Caleb Pierce (Voice of Zack Fair)
    • Eri Asano (Localization Producer)
    • Ben Sabin (English Translator)
    • Laurent Sautière (French Translator)
    • Diana Kawamata (German Translator)

    Episode 3 & 4

    The series is a must-watch for enthusiasts eager to learn about the intricacies of developing FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH and the collective effort that brought this legendary adventure to life.

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