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    Ragnarok X: Next Generation Celebrates Half Year Anniversary

    Ragnarok X: Next Generation will be celebrating its half-year anniversary coming this 18th December 2021. To celebrate this, as well as the upcoming New Year, all Adventurers in Midgard can expect an all-out celebration of the grandest proportions, with celebrity collaborations, product giveaways, and – most importantly – heaps of free prizes!

    As part of this 6-month anniversary bash, ROX has invited many famous Thai celebrities to take part in the fun, including ‘The Toys’ (Thanwa Boonsoongnern), Kao (Supassara Thanachart), and Pattie (Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha). Fans can expect to see the ladies ‘Kao’ and ‘Pattie’ star in an upcoming TVC for the game, where they will take on the appearance of a wizard and priest respectively.

    During the course of the event, all three celebrities will appear as specially-designed NPCs in the world of Midgard, giving players a chance to interact with their favourite stars in their favourite game. Not only that, but on the day of the anniversary (Dec. 18th), all three celebrities will appear in a special live-stream broadcast via YouTube and Facebook, where fans can interact with and adventure alongside them in the world of ROX. The live-stream event will also include an online Lucky Draw for everyone watching, with the top prizes including all kinds of awesome products!

    The fun carries on into the New Year with a new game theme song by ‘The Toys’, written and performed exclusively for Ragnarok X: Next Generation. After the release, fans can also participate in a karaoke contest, with more details to be announced soon.

    Epic Battles and Fearsome Trials Await!

    During the Celebration, players will also be able to take part in an epic ‘Doomsday Battle’, where they can relive the historic battle to save Prontera. In times long past, the capital city of Midgard was once occupied by the dreadful Baphomet, whose evil presence destroyed all life in the area, leaving only monsters in his wake. Relive the battle as one of the few brave adventurers who gathered to liberate Prontera from the demon’s rule!

    Aside from that, players can also enjoy the new ‘Trial Illusion’ gameplay mode, where groups of up to 15 players can join together to take on one of the toughest dungeons in the game. It goes without saying that those who brave the dungeon’s depths can expect to be rewarded with all kinds of incredible rewards!

    Last but not least, players can express their wishes and hopes for the New Year with the Drifting Bottle and Wishing Wall activities. Players can create bottled messages in the game, which can earn them a chance to win rewards from the Wish Fund Grand Prize at 0:00 on January 1st, 2022.

    Don’t miss your chance to take part in these exciting festivities in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, available now on iOS and Android. Your Midgard journey is waiting to be written!

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