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    Ragdoll galore in the wacky sports game Dreamball, coming to consoles!

    From developing team Rampage Game Studio together with the publishers over at JanduSoft S.L. comes this wacky and hilariously funny sports game, Dreamball.

    Uncontrollable physics makes it into sports!

    Dreamball’s target is one thing: get more points than your opponent before time runs out! you control an almost uncontrollable set of characters that are as limber as water, and your job is to score points by throwing the ball into the opponents net. Be creative on how you do it by passing it around or gunning for the goal yourself. With hands, the size of your character’s body, slap those balls around till they hit them nets!

    The many environments that the game sets on plays a role in achieving your points. With lasers shooting at you, sharks weaving in and out of the map to eat you or your opponents up, there’s no telling how your characters will react in such situations! Here are some features of the game:-

    • Local multiplayer for 2 – 4 players
    • Score on the opposite goal using your hanging arms
    • 6 Different stages with original hazards
    • 10 Unlockable skins

    Dreamball is set for release on 23rd December for the Nintendo Switch and 20th December for the Playstation 4. The Xbox One version of the game will be released on a later date.

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