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    2D platformer – Elliot available now!

    Plain and Game Studio and JanduSoft S.L. released a launch trailer of Elliot – a colorful 2D platformer inspired by 16-bit classics, with a touch of hardcore. Don’t be misled by appearances: it’s a colorful game, but really it’s technicolor hell! Available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.

    What will you find?:

    • Two loveable characters, Elliot and Manuel.
    • Collectibles to help you discover the story of Elliot’s World.
    • You yourself, making titanic efforts to get through the 60-plus levels in 11 chapters.
    • Stress, frustration and possibly rage. but don’t worry, the soundtrack will make everything much easier.
    • Speedrun mode, if you want to break personal records or challenge your friends.
    • Achievements, in case the ordinary game itself leaves you in need of more.
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