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    PvP Content Arena Of Solare Returns In Black Desert SEA

    Pearl Abyss announced that the “Arena of Solare” has returned to Black Desert SEA with revamped improvements and features to attract more Adventurers who enjoy the PvP experience. Arena of Solare is matchmaking-based 3v3 PvP content where Adventurers need to defeat each other while equipping arena-exclusive gear. Its previous season grabbed much attention from Adventurers and its popularity will continue to rise as accessibility for new and existing Adventurers has been revamped.

    While retaining the features of the previous season, the arena has added a placement match system. Adventurers need to proceed with the placement match system based on their scores from the previous season’s records. This feature will enhance the PvP experience by revamping the system to match Adventurers with opponents at a similar proficiency level. The importance of strategic teamwork will become even more essential to emerging victorious.

    The Arena of Solare now has a total of 6 battlefields including 2 new additions this season, Barhan Gateway and Gyfin Rhasia Temple. The terrain of Barhan Gateway is specifically built to compete without any advantage as the battlefield is a one-way road between cliffs. Adventurers can use battlefield elements such as the “Song of the Wind ” in Gyfin Rhasia Temple to turn the tides of battle.

    Last but not least, an array of events and rewards to celebrate the new year have been prepared starting on January 1st for Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can look forward to receiving various buffs of their choice, an item drop rate increase buff by using Energy, and daily rewards through Challenges.

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