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    Introducing Wargroove, an action strategy game

    Developer and publisher Chucklefish has released a new trailer for a game called Wargroove which allows up to four players to play. It looks to be a unique retro, cute, pixelated strategy game that shows off a mini-cinematic upon each attack (like fire emblem).

    War has come to the Kingdom of Cherrystone

    A war broke out and you play as a young Queen Mercia fleeing from her home. Pursued by her enemies, she has to travel far in search for new lands and allies.

    Commanding features:

    • Command and customize your army
    • Challenge your friends
    • 12 cast of vibrant commanders with their own motivations and personalities
    • 4 warring factions from Cherrystone Kingdom, Heavensong Empire, Felheim Legion, and Floran Tribes.
    • Campaign mode follows the story of Young Queen Mercia against her foes with pixelated cutscenes and dynamic battles
    • Each commander has their own special moves called “Grooves”, which is usable when filled via meter to a 100%
    • Craft your own maps, cut-scenes and even campaigns with the in-game editor
    • It also comes with advanced editing tools for endless possibilities with missions, side quests, hidden secrets and furthermore change the rules of the game without external mods or tools
    • Share your creations online or download other players creations made by other players

    Online with your friends!

    Both local or online multiplayer is available for skirmish battles, competitive and co-op as well. Additionally with rule’s customization.

    It comes with the following game features:

    • Arcade mode: You will get to fight 5 different opponents via trials of boisterous bouts
    • Puzzle mode: Using all your skills, take on multiple tricky challenges such as winning the fight in one turn
    • Secrets and unlockables: get stars to unlock special contents with other hidden game features

    Wargroove is set to release for PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2019.

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