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    Home Community PlayStation Hits Deal Goes Live This June 27 With Three Renown Titles...

    PlayStation Hits Deal Goes Live This June 27 With Three Renown Titles Up For Grab For RM 79 Each.


    Malaysia – Be prepared to be pampered again by Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore Private Limited (SIES), as they announced the PlayStation Hits line-up that’s coming on June 27, 2019.

    What’s interesting? Cheap games, that’s what!
    Sony will be selling 3 renown titles at just RM 79 each (both digital and physical) at any PlayStation Authorized Dealers and PlayStation Store. The physical copies will have a red banner at the top stating as “PlayStation Hits” for easier identification. Here’s are the three games;

    God of War III Remastered PlayStation Hits (Sony Interactive Entertainment)- For both Blu-ray disc version / Digital version

    Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition PlayStation Hits (Sony Interactive Entertainment)– For both Blu-ray disc version / Digital version

    Nioh PlayStation Hits (KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.)- For Blu-ray disc version only.

    These may be old games (well, HzD and Nioh are not that old!) but they are great games nonetheless. So, if you haven’t tried any of these games yet, you’d have a good chance of owning them at a low price when the PlayStation Hits deal goes live to this coming June 27. 

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