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    PlayStation 4 Pro – The ‘500 Million Limited Edition’ is the most beautiful PS4 ever released by Sony.

    As a mark of achievement for hitting the 500 million sales ever since the first Sony PlayStation hit the market in 1994, Sony has created a PlayStation 4 Pro ‘500 Million Limited Edition’ to remember this occasion by. Let’s take a look at this super beautiful beast that is so rare that chances are, you probably won’t see one in real life.

    First, the casing for the console is a dark blue translucent material. Every detail of the internal workings of the console can be seen and has a beautiful blue lighting effect when turned on


    Second, is the 2TB hard disk instead of the regular 1TB that comes with this PS4 Pro.


    Last but not least, there are only 50,000 units available worldwide. Each of these limited editions PS4 Pro will have its own copper plate showing which of the 50,000 unit this is.

    The PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Bundle comes together with a limited dark blue translucent controller which can be bought separately. Also in the bundle is a dark blue stand and a PlayStation Camera.

    There is also a Gold Wireless Headset ‘500 Million Limited Edition’ available for purchase separately with the same dark blue translucent design.

    PlayStation 4 Pro ‘500 Million Limited Edition’ will be available for RM2149 while the controller can be bought separately ar RM259.

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