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    Switch : Broken Sword 5 – Conspiracy unfolds on the Switch

    Itching for a mystery to be solved? Broken Sword 5- The Serpents Curse, was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch by developer Revolution Software Ltd. This is a 5th installment to a ‘point and click’ story driven game in a 3rd person perspective, playing as both protagonists George Stobart and Nicole Collard, following them uncover another ‘Indiana Jones‘-ish conspiracy with historical bits. Make no mistake that although this is a point and click type of game, characters may die due to the consequences of wrong choices, turns or bad timing.

    Pointing it out based on the trailer, the game may utilize all the creative interface and utilities provided by the Nintendo Switch, so it will be a interesting interaction between Joy-Cons and touch screen display.


    The game will be coming out for Switch on September 21, 2018.
    *Both physical and digital copy will be available.

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