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    Pepper Grinder Drills Up A Launch Trailer

    Developer Ahr Ech and publisher Devolver Digital dig up a launch for Pepper Grinder as it is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch, blending traditional platforming with an alternate drilling mode that allows you to dive in and out of the earth as a dolphin swims through water.

    Features as shared on Steam:

    • Gritty Gameplay

    Cruise through a colorfully animated world with precise movements, fluid drilling, and thrilling leap.

    • Thrilling Drilling

    Chew through the world with Grinder and find new drill bits to ramp up the chaos and solve clever puzzles.

    • Conquer & Collect

    Pick up jewels and other riches during your adventure and cash them in at shops to power up Pepper, open up new paths on the world map, and snag collectible stickers for your sticker book.

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