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    The Infinite spellbinding roguelite X deck builder X RPG adventure begins in March 2021 With Loop Hero

    Devolver Digital and developer Four Quarters announces deckbuilding roguelike Loop Hero release to be on March 4 for $14.99 on PC.

    Welcome to

    The world of Loop Hero is in the grip of a time loop that plunges its inhabitants into endless chaos. Using mystical maps, position enemies, buildings, and playgrounds throughout your various expeditions to piece together your hero’s memories and restore balance to the world.

    Collect and equip the most powerful loot for each hero class for the battles to come, and grow the survivor camp to tackle each loop with more power. Unlock new classes, cards and evil guardians as you explore and hope to one day break the endless cycle of despair.

    No expedition is like the last, and only the most daring and resourceful warriors will defeat the ungodly guardians who dot this great fresco: a must to save the world and break the Lich’s time loop!

    Looping features:

    • Infinite Adventure: Select from unlockable character classes and deck cards before setting out on each expedition along a randomly generated loop path. No expedition is ever the same as the ones before it.
    • Plan Your Struggle: Strategically place building, terrain, and enemy cards along each loop to create your own dangerous path. Find the balance between the cards to increase your chances of survival while recovering valuable loot and resources for your camp.
    • Loot and Upgrade: Strike down menacing creatures, recover stronger loot to equip on the fly and unlock new perks along the way.
    • Expand Your Camp: Turn hard-earned resources into campsite upgrades and gain valuable reinforcements with each completed loop along the expedition path.
    • Save the Lost World: Overcome a series of unholy guardian bosses over a grand saga to save the world and break the time loop of the Lich!
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