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    Choose your mastermind in Evil Genius 2’s new trailer

    Whatever your brand of villainy, developer Rebellion Developments got you covered in Evil Genius 2: World Domination. As today’s new “Choose Your Genius” trailer showcases you can play as one of four different masterminds, each with its own unique campaigns.

    Are you a narcissistic despot? Perhaps you’re a might-makes-right kind of tyrant? Maybe you prefer to orchestrate your schemes in the shadows? Or do you put science above everything else, including the human race?

    Each Genius has a distinctive play style, personality and story arc. As you build up your lair and your global empire of criminality and chaos expands, you eventually create your Genius’ unique Doomsday Device, inflicting their tyrannical vision upon the world.

    With four playable geniuses, four unique campaigns, three different island locations and a litany of new rooms, contraptions, henchmen, agents, traps and lots more, Evil Genius 2 is ready to take over the world when it launches March 30th on Steam.

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