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    All of world’s best teams to gather at ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore Major

    The stage is set for the world’s most highly anticipated competition. With a prize pool of US$500,000, it sure has given all the teams a major goal to go for.

    From 27th March to 4th April in Fairmont Singapore, esports tournament organizer PGL and in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to bring ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore Major this year.

    In the first two days, 6 wildcard teams will play and only two teams will qualify to the Group Stage. The Group Stage will be held from March 29th to 30th. Out of 8 teams, 2 will qualify for the playoffs while the rest will go to the lower bracket. In the playoffs, from March 31st, the 12 remaining teams will compete in the Grand Finals to see who will take the prize.

    • March 27 – March 28: Wildcard groups
    • March 29 – March 30: Group Stage
    • March 31 – April 4: Playoffs

    The closed-door event will feature 18 of the world’s top teams and to be streamed across various platforms.

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no physical media event for this particular Singapore Major. Instead, the post Media interviews will be held virtually. Teams from Invictus Gaming, Team Secret, Fnatic, Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses, and Beastcoast will be present during the virtual media interview.

    Furthermore, matches will be broadcasted in various platforms including Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, or the ONE Esports official website, with the main stream playing at the top of the homepage

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