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    An eerie first-person horror experience in Paper Dolls Original, coming for the Switch

    CIRCLE Entertainment is pleased to announce LITCHI GAME‘s first-person horror game, Paper Dolls Original will be arriving for the Nintendo Switch soon.


    Dazed, confused and paper dolls to amuse!

    Paper Dolls Original is a first-person horror game that will surely haunt you in many ways. Trying to escape in this game can be intense as you find yourself always anticipating what comes next before getting a heart attack!

    You find yourself deserted in an abandoned mansion. After a suspected car crash, you start to wonder about how you managed to end up in this creepy place. Then you remembered that you had your daughter with you when the crash took place. As you hear her cries in this forsaken mansion, you make your way towards them and delve deeper into the darkness of the mansion.

    As you go deeper, you find out that you are not the only inhabitants of the mansion, as these creepy and eerie paper dolls appear in hopes to stop you from escaping this dreaded place! Immersive graphics and a unique Eastern vibe bring this terrifying mansion to life. Find your daughter, seal this mansion and the dolls in it before its too late!

    Key points of the game:

    • Find your daughter in this disorienting journey of terror and excitement.
    • Outsmart traps, solve puzzles, and uncover the mysteries of the mansion.
    • Find the secret messages left behind and reveal the horrible truth of this great Evil.
    • Run, hide, and seal away the Paper Dolls forever…or else.

    Paper Dolls Original will be hitting the Nintendo eShop on the 19th of September.

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